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Methamphetamine Property Testing Services

Certified Meth Property Testing. Property Managers, Tenants and Purchasers all need to be aware of a property that may have been contaminated by the use of Meth / Ice.

“How do I tell if Meth is in my property?”

Really, the only way to be positive if a property is contaminated by Methamphetamine, is to carry out meth screening / testing.

Engage a professional who will carry out extensive sampling for you. Most operators can give you a quick 'yes or no' and advise if more testing is necessary.


Does living in a meth contaminated house cause health issues?

Living in a house that has been used for smoking or making Meth, (Meth lab) can contribute to a range of unexplained health problems, including headaches, feeling nausea whilst inside, excessive sneezing, breathing issues and constant skin irritation.

Methamphetamine (Ice / Meth / Crystal Meth) Epidemic

Meth infected properties can have serious long term health problems for those living in them. Quote: "Australia is in the grip of an ice (Meth) epidemic and hundreds of clandestine drug labs are springing up around the country each year, in suburban homes, motels and even in car boots and trucks.

Authorities warn the labs are leaving a toxic legacy, with meth cooks contaminating properties with a cocktail of deadly chemicals and dumping the waste in national parks and waterways" End Quote: | Source ABC

Why choose MethXtract?


Bruce Curciarello from MethXtract is fully accredited and has completed the NIOSH 9111 Methamphetamine Residue Sampling Courses. (Methamphetamine on wipes by liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry)


We will conduct a minimum of 4 areas within the house and give you an instant result for methamphetamine levels above 0.5 g/100cm² (as per Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines)


The biggest threat to home or rental properties is not meth labs, it's meth users! Smoking meth inside regularly can contaminate a home and produce readings as high as those produced by a meth lab.

Property Testing Services

We're pleased to offer a wide range of property Meth / Ice screening services

Meth Screening & Testing levels

Meth sampling: This is the initial quick test used to determine which areas (If any) of a property are contaminated and may require remediation.  Meth contamination is not visible to the naked eye and is detected through surface testing"

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Meth sampling

Meth screening | 1st stage

Contamination levels greater than 0.5g/100cm² require a property to be remediated. Decontamination can require treating, or ripping out carpet, curtains, wall linings, ceilings, electrical wiring, air conditioners, heating and insulation"

meth image
Property remediation

2nd Stage

Australia has the highest number of Methamphetamine users per capita with West Australia estimated to consume some 1.5 tons of it, per year! This figure has trebled in the past 8 years. In New South Wales alone, the number of known meth labs has doubled over the past six years.."

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Perth Now


We can help!

We offer a wide range of property testing & screening services for Meth/Ice (Methamphetamine)
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Featured News

Real estate meth news

Half of tested properties in Queensland contain traces of meth and some of the suburbs are where you would least expect it. From Chapel Hill and Chermside, to Woolloongabba, East Brisbane, Maroochydore and Upper Mount Gravatt, houses in these suburbs, and many more, tested positive to a presence of residue of methamphetamine..

Hidden meth scourge

The Hidden Meth Scourge Infesting Suburban Aussie Homes. Our health and home could be affected by the nation's growing meth problem, and we may not even know it. Drug tests on homes have revealed frightening rates of meth contamination inside suburban Australian properties, which were once meth dens. But these nasty chemicals are leaving those now living inside with serious health problems and big cleaning bills.

Property meth shock

Redland Bay property's shock methamphetamine residue test result. A Drug contamination test has revealed a Redland Bay property contained 102 micrograms of methamphetamine residue, more than 200 times above the acceptable level.