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Meth Testing Options

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Meth (Ice) Screen/Test your Property.

Contamination of properties in Australia is on the increase.

Are your properties Meth Free? In an Australian first, mandatory meth testing of properties for West Australian rental homes is being looked at. Meth contamination in a home environment is a serious issue. To limit risks as a home buyer or property investor, get your property screened as soon a possible.

Meth Property Screening Options

# Service Description
1 Indicative Test This is the most cost effective option. We will test a minimum of 4 individual areas within the property and give you an instant, on the spot result for methamphetamine levels 0.5µ g/100cm² and above(as per Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines) We will use this method when you don’t suspect or are unsure if there is contamination, but require a clearance certificate for insurance purposes.
2 Base Composite Test If you are unsure of contamination within the property, we recommend this test. We collect individual swabs and send them to a drug testing laboratory. The lab will then return an accumulative result. If the result is positive then the lab can test each individual sample. These samples are collected the same way as our Detailed Forensic Assessment. We take individual swab samples that complies with NIOSH 9111. Samples are taken from each room and placed in individual vials. With this option, we will assume that the property is at risk and also gather additional info about the property. This information can be used by decontamination companies to complete a Remediation Action Plan (RAP) if required. Samples are examined together at the lab, to give an accumulative result across the whole property. If the accumulative result of methamphetamine is above 0.5µg/100cm² (as per Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines), the individual samples can then be re-analised (at an extra cost for every sample) to determine which rooms would require decontamination. There then shouldn’t be a reason to return to the property.
3 Detailed Forensic Test If you have a high suspicion of contamination in your property, we recommend this option. This option isnt the least expensive, but will save you spending money on the other options if you are positive the property is contaminated. With this test, we collect individual swabs and send them to a drug testing laboratory. This screening is also done when a Base Composite Test results are above .5µg/100cm² (as per Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines), this will determine which individual room/s requires decontamination. We take take individual swabs in adherence with NIOSH 9111. Swabs are collected as in Base Composite Test above and then the samples are individually analysed by the lab giving exact contamination figures for each room.
4 After Assessment This screening is also carried out after decontamination to confirm a property is Meth free before being issued a letter of clearance
For more information about our meth testing services or to book an appointment, please, contact us

Meth Screening & Testing levels

Meth sampling: This is the initial quick test used to determine which areas (If any) of a property are contaminated and may require remediation.  Meth contamination is not visible to the naked eye and is detected through surface testing"

meth image
Meth sampling

Meth screening | 1st stage

Contamination levels greater than 0.5g/100cm² require a property to be remediated. Decontamination can require treating, or ripping out carpet, curtains, wall linings, ceilings, electrical wiring, air conditioners, heating and insulation"

meth image
Property remediation

2nd Stage

Australia has the highest number of Methamphetamine users per capita with West Australia estimated to consume some 1.5 tons of it, per year! This figure has trebled in the past 8 years. In New South Wales alone, the number of known meth labs has doubled over the past six years.."

meth image
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